How To Give Good Head: Avoid teeth!

December 18, 2007

The first thing I wanted to discuss is one of most the capital mistakes people do when they’re trying to give good head: They use too much teeth! This mistake is such a deal breaker. You could be doing everything else right, and too much teeth would mess the whole experience up.

Most girls either aren’t aware of how much teeth they use or they think that a little teeth adds to the sensation. If you’re one of the former ones, then you probably use your teeth too much as it is. You need to stop. If you’re part of the latter ones, you have a point, but you still probably use your teeth too much.

I can not emphasize this enough. As I said before, you could be a porn star blowjob-artist, doing everything right, and using too much teeth would still make you, at best, average.

This is such a fine line to walk so the best thing is to just ask your man when you’re giving it to him. A little teeth might add to the experience, but it’s risky. Until you’ve mastered the other techniques I’m going to discuss, just leave it out. Trust me, he won’t complain!

2 Responses to “How To Give Good Head: Avoid teeth!”

  1. […] I found this show which is kind of interesting. Most people should already know that you’re not supposed to use teeth when you give a blowjob, but if you didn’t already know that then this is a good […]

  2. […] you want to give teeth-less head (always), then you need to tuck in your teeth under your lips. That way you make sure that irregardless of […]

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