How to Give Good Head: Enjoy Yourself!

November 27, 2008

Today we’re going to talk about one of the most important things you need to learn on how to give good head. We’re going to discuss the matter of enjoying yourself while you give head, which is often overseen simply because it’s not really a “technique” but rather about the attitude you bring to the table.

The reason no one really talks about enjoying yourself is that the general view of men is that they’re these stereotype brute people that you can get off as long as you’re touching their penises.

While most guys I know of course enjoy most sensations you give their genitals, most guys are also pretty acutely aware of what the general mood is, and it can be quite important determinant of how pleasant it is for him. If he knows you’re really enjoying yourself, he’ll be able to relax and enjoy himself fully as well.

Another great reason for why enjoying yourself is such an important aspect of giving good head is simply because when you’re enjoying yourself you’re subconsciously doing all of these very attractive things that add to his experience. You’re sub communicating that you want his cock and that in it self is a major turn-on.

Enjoying Yourself While Giving Head
A lot of factors make up why we enjoy some things and not other things, but one of the key components of it is what we focus on.

In any situation, we can either focus on the good or the bad of the situation. If we focus on the good, we’re going to feel better about it, and if we focus on the bad we’ll feel worse about it. It’s the same thing when it comes to fellatio.

If he wants you to give him head and you start thinking “Oh no, not again. God. Maybe I can just do it quickly and get it over with”, that is definitely going to affect your mood, and it will absolutely shine through and HE WILL KNOW! Even if you give him head then and there, the negative thoughts you projected will keep gnawing at his pleasure and he won’t be able to fully relax.

On the other hand, if you start thinking “Oh my god, he’s so hard! I just love feeling his juicy hard cock in my mouth. And just thinking about the fact that I’m in absolute control over his orgasm makes me so turned on!” that will also shine through and your positive attitude will make him even more amped up and horny.

I’m starting to reach the outer-limits of what this article was supposed to cover but as a final conclusion: It’s really all about focus. Different focus will yield different attitudes, and different attitudes will yield different results.

Keep a positive attitude and it’ll be more pleasant. For the both of you…

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