How To Give Your Man Intense Pleasure

June 8, 2010

You might have heard the saying that people are creatures of habit. When we find something that we get somewhat good results with, most of us don’t really look much further, but settle and keep doing the same thing over and over again.

For some areas of life this is all good and well as you can’t run around changing everything all the time. But when it comes to sex you definitely do NOT want to get stuck in your habits!

What many women do when they start giving head is that at first they don’t know anything. Then they learn a few tricks and get to know their way around his cock, which is good and necessary. But what happens next is that most women simply STOP there. When they get the basic jist of it, they’re not really interested in MOVING IT FORWARD, which is a total shame!

Are you one of those women? It’s okay, I’m not here to judge. But if you want to keep giving your man intense pleasure, and if you want to know how to give head for real, then you need to keep changing what you do for two reasons:

  1. When you change what you do, you change yourself. I.e. You LEARN new things. You learn what works and you learn what DOESN’T work, which in the long term makes you a much better learner.
  2. Changing what you do keeps things FRESH, both for YOU and for HIM. Even the greatest sensations will fade over time. It’s a law of nature. You can’t keep doing the same thing to him and expect that it won’t eventually grow tiresome.

If you want more tangible tips on WHAT you can do, you can check out our blog on how to give great head. It’s jam-packed with great tips on how to give good head, how to have PROPER foreplay and how to give your man what he’s REALLY craving.

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